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World Population Day 2021: Theme, History and world population day poster

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The UNFPA coordinates with other agencies and organizations in order to promote population control measures.
On July 11, the world population is marked on the occasion of World Population Day. The day is aimed at drawing attention to the various issues related to the rising population.

History of World Population Day

The United Nations established the World Population Day in 1989. It was initially celebrated on July 11, 1990. The concept of the World Population Day was first established in 1989. It was observed on July 11, 1990. The day was also used to raise awareness about population issues.

Significance of World Population Day

On April 15, the World Population Day was observed to raise awareness about the issues caused by overpopulation. On the occasion of the World Population Day, various organizations and individuals are urged to raise awareness about the various issues caused by overpopulation.

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