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apple airpod max review:apple airpod max price in India|tuber news

The new Apple AirPods were released early last year, when the world was expecting Apple to bring out a totally new version of its true wireless headphones that, supposedly, would be waterproof and noise-cancelling.

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you’ll find pairing seamless. But once Macs and devices from outside the Apple ecosystem enter the fray, things can become frustrating. In our tests, use with a Mac sometimes led to issues with phone calls and distorted audio. For users in the Windows PC and Android ecosystems, switching between devices requires manual input each time.


1.Sensational sound quality
2.Gorgeous, sultry design
3.Class-leading noise-canceling
4.Innovative feature set


1.High price
2.No 3.5mm cable included
3.heavier than average headphones because of the metal on the outside

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