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With access to the internet and social media websites, many children are exposed to a number of dangerous situations. Adults should thus limit access to the internet for their children.
Do you agree or disagree?

The First half of the essay is going to explain how the internet is negatively effecting young minds and the second half of the essay elaborates on the measures that parents should take while allowing children to use the internet.
Mostly, nowadays the usage of smartphones are increasing besides that the data consumption also sustainably increasing in recent times. With the reshaping of technology, cyber crimes are increasing. The internet is beneficial in many ways but it has it own disadvantages too in this kind of situation giving access to the internet for children is not at all a good idea. They might see vulgar content without their knowledge. For instance, when I was kid I used to play games in online but one day while I am playing the game some window notification is popped up and redirected to the dark website without my permission and I had informed my parents about this situation they took my laptop to the service center and request them to install a software which blocks this kind of stuff and protect us.
On contrary, the internet is advantageous to the people who are interested to explore academic subjects and people who are curious to learn new things for those it is very beneficial. However, parents should take care of their children while using the internet there are many softwares are developed for this purpose inorder to monitor their kid's devices remotely from their devices. For example, a software called parent control which helps parents to block explicit content in their kids devices and they can also watch they are surfing on the web.
In conclusion, I strongly advise that every parent should take of their child while using electronic gadgets. The internet and social media may provide knowledge as well as they might destroy one's life. Using the internet is solely depends on themselves.

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