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One way to reduce the problem of traffic congestion is by increasing the tax on private vehicles. Do you think this is a feasible solution?

Best way to reduce the traffic crowding is by raising the tax on the private vehicles. The first half of the essay is going to discuss the problems occur due to traffic jams and the second half of the essay is going to elaborate the causes for roadblocks due to traffic.
Firstly, The traffic is gradually increasing importantly in Metropolitan cities. People are preferring to go in their private automobiles. Besides choosing public transportations like buses, trains. They are liking to travel in their own vehicles. In order to this, we are facing many difficulties like global warming, Accidents, etc, Besides to this, we are suffering from traffic blockage. For example, we can clearly observe in high tech cities that there will be more traffic, people who live there get experience every day in their life.
Secondly, The most important issue for occurring over traffic is increasing in the population and had not been constructing roads properly. The government should insist the contractors to lay roads correctly to prevent road injuries. Road accidents are one of the reasons causing traffic blocks. For example in some areas there will not be any speed limit hazard boards in one way. This may lead to road crashes and cause traffic congestion. In some countries every individual are having more than one vehicle this is also a reason.
In conclusion increasing the taxes on the personal automobile is an impeccable idea. Authority should make it mandatory to pay more taxes if juveniles having more than one vehicle. If they make it so people will use public transport to save them from taxes and it increases income for administration from the public transportation.

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